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Breegi Scientific Receives EUA from the FDA!

Breegi Scientific is thrilled to announce that we have been granted Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for our Negative Pressure SteriDome (NPS) - EUA203100.

With our negative pressure protective barrier enclosure, we will give frontline clinicians a powerful and simple tool for containing the spread of aerosolized infectious disease like COVID-19 in healthcare settings and during airway procedures. NPS weighs only 2 lbs, can be manufactured and shipped at scale, and can be quickly deployed in a few easy steps.

We look forward to the applications of our platform beyond COVID-19 with several patents filed and we are honored to have international interest in the form of funding, manufacturing, and government support for our biocontainment platform.

We would like to thank our amazing team and the countless people around us, our talented and dedicated regulatory, engineering and clinical teams and all those who supported our efforts over the years to achieve this milestone.

A leading medical official praised us for our “thorough research and testing on SteriDome. You and your team set a great example on the importance of patient safety.”

We now embark on the next chapter at Breegi Scientific with even greater resolve to help patients and providers across the globe.

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