Breegi Scientific Inc. is a socially conscious innovator engineering safe, affordable, easy to use micro-environments.


Based in Boston, Massachusetts, USA

SteriDome™ Portable Isolation  Units

Safe containment for patients and first responders instantly.


Scenes from Italy show methods for containing patients and providing ventilation for respiratory infections from Covid-19.


SteriDome™ is our contribution to the fight against pandemics like Covid-19 and broader infection transmission. A disposable isolation chamber with patented air-locks and air sterilization for robust biosafety.

SteriDome delivers practical functions to save lives, particularly during pandemics, emergencies and hospital stays.


Our patented apparatus is compact and lightweight to be rapidly deployed.

It is a sterile apparatus that provides a contained microenvironment to transport, monitor and facilitate treatment for patients, including ventilation and pressurization.

Portable isolation chambers for patients cost thousands while operating rooms cost hundreds of thousands to build, furnish, and maintain. Scenes from Italy have put a spotlight on such containment devices, which are not suited for pandemic use.

Even with ample precautions, pathogen transmission and healthcare-acquired infections due to cross-contamination and exposure to exogenous or endogenous airborne contaminants are still very high. SteriDome is a fraction of the cost and allows access for all healthcare & emergency services while reducing transmission and infection rates.


Providing specific treatment environment is expensive and hard to achieve. Hospital-acquired infections affect approximately 1.7 million people annually; resulting in an estimated $28-45 billion in annual civilian healthcare costs.


The need for a compact, inexpensive and practical solution to properly contain patients while allowing controlled micro-environment treatment is critical to save lives.


The delivery of medication and different therapies without the loss of containment integrity is essential for recovery and the prevention of cross-contamination and transmission to healthcare providers and patients alike - SteriDome is the answer.