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Disposable Negative Pressure Chamber


N P S (Negative Pressure SteriDome) is our contribution to the fight against pandemics and contagious diseases like COVID-19. BSI has taken a decade of isolation tech and biocontainment R&D to create the optimal negative pressure isolation chamber.


N P S helps contain COVID-19 aerosols with a patented clear disposable negative pressure isolation chamber with patented air-locks and an ergonomic design for patients and providers.

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Containing COVID-19

Healthcare providers and hospital patients are facing a high risk of sickness and exposure to infectious aerosolized agents such as the COVID-19 virus. This is also preventing patients from seeing loved ones.


Thousands of U.S. healthcare workers continue to be infected and more than 3600 have passed away due to exposure from aerosolized virus that is being spread on all surfaces and clothing. Makeshift solutions such as boxes and drapes, pictured here, are not enough.

Medical Tablet

NPS is the right solution - it's easy to use, a wide range of maneuverability with access for tools.

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The State of the Art: Still Inside The Box

Current solutions are open containers, such as rigid acrylic boxes and drapes.


These solutions are inadequate and pose undue risk to patients and providers. They “decrease rather than increase safety, especially under emergency conditions”...and “does not reduce risk, and probably has unintended safety consequences” since “the box probably redirects droplets and aerosols toward the foot of the bed, and all staff in the room are still exposed to them” - Yale anesthesiologists Dr. William H. Rosenblatt and Dr. Jodi D. Sherman in a letter to the New England Journal of Medicine

NPS is a disposable, clear structure made of plastic having an ergonomic and robust design with a wide range of motion and is intended for use as a practical isolation hood for HCP while being ultra-lightweight and compact to transport at high volume. It has a large access door, and a two-way air-lock system to allow transport of tools and medicine - making it the the ideal enclosure.

NPS has been developed with expert HCP user input, weighs only 1kg while providing a Protective Barrier Enclosure for HCP as an extra layer of protection for transport and aerosol producing procedures, making this device a safe alternative for patients and HCP. 

Current solutions have major structural gaps which are not optimal for biocontainment. Disposability of the NPS also provides an advantage by reducing the amount of cross-contamination compared to current drapes and boxes while giving patients an airy space to comfortably recover in.

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