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​            Neonatal Intensive Care Incubator


​             “Our Incubator can significantly reduce neonatal mortality and morbidity”

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Our disposable incubator is the first multi-functional and disposable solution, a patented class II medical device that requires a 510k application in the FDA and with several more pending patents. With a suite of innovative technologies, NICI is a practical, user-friendly, efficient, low maintenance, inexpensive platform designed to significantly reduce neonatal mortality and morbidity.

NICI consists of two main components: 

1) a micro-controlled lightweight infant housing unit and 

2) a reusable compact electronic control module.

Our X-ray compatible infant housing is designed for single use per infant up to one week to reduce nosocomial risks and cost of care and maintenance. The electronic control module has optional wireless remote data communication and monitoring.  The NICI is designed to run on a 12V. versatile convertible power source, allowing the device to be used as a portable and stationary incubator, operable on site or in transport vehicle.


Our disruptive innovation and in-house developed software will provide the critical necessities for neonatal critical care such as heat, humidity, HEPA ventilation, phototherapy, and prevent cross-contamination for stationary and for transport cases.

​Why Choose NICI?


NICI is a revolutionary incubator for only 1% of the cost and weight of traditional incubators used in hospitals in  developed nations, and for a daily cost of care of $3.50 vs. $3,000 in U.S. hospitals and $20 in heavily government subsidized hospitals in rural India! NICI has the potential to save millions of lives and billions of dollars as a smart and disruptive innovation with measurable impact.

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NICI is easy to use, light weight and 

designed to assist treatment of hypothermia,

asphyxia and jaundice. It will provide biological containment and utilize state-of-the-art innovations to reduce cost. The NICI apparatus will be 100% germ-free and clean. By using versatile sources of electricity, the apparatus can save thousands of lives per year in resource-poor areas.

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NICI consolidates several functions in one apparatus. It is furnished with ease to replace and maintain external hardware and provide lifesaving neonatal services. The system supports oxygen and filtered air for asphyxia, convective or conductive heat and humidity for hypothermia, and light for the treatment of jaundice. The device will weigh less than 2 lbs, and can be deployed and collapsed to the size of 0.15 cubic feet in one motion.

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