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About Breegi Scientific

Breegi Scientific Inc. (BSI) is an international Boston-based medical technology company founded in 2014. BSI is the recipient of several prestigious international grants and awards to develop the world's first portable, digital-native and low-cost infant incubator platform with a disposable housing: NICI™.


The Neonatal Intensive Care Incubator or NICI™ is the first multi-functional data-driven clinical platform of it's kind. It is a practical, user-friendly, efficient, low maintenance and cost-effective incubator designed to significantly reduce neonatal mortality and morbidity globally.


NICI fundamentally changes the century-old paradigm of neonatal incubators to be safer, more accessible and easier to manage. Together with a global team of experts across six continents, BSI has meticulously de-risked our clinical platform to be scaled for healthcare systems globally.


NICI™ is less than 1% of the cost, size and weight of standard hospital incubators while providing any community with critical NICU capabilities such as phototherapy, heat, humidity, oxygen support and clinical data to provide little ones with a healthy start.


BSI's long-term vision is a world where no babies die due to lack of access to neonatal incubators, and that biocontainment solutions should be safe, effective and accessible. Our second platform, the Negative Pressure SteriDome or NPS, emerged from our patented biocontainment platform at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic to protect frontline workers and received FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) in May of 2021.

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Dr. Breegi is founder and chief executive officer of Breegi Scientific and serves on the Board of Directors. He is an inventor, entrepreneur and human rights activist, with over 25 years of management and diverse preclinical and research experience covering a wide range of medical fields, in addition to extensive clinical expertise. He served as director of in vivo research programs in several biotechnology companies, in addition to working in academic institutions. He is currently a guest lecturer at Boston University.

His career is built on innovation and social justice for the disadvantaged, stemming from his upbringing and education, with a unique perspective of certain medical issues and challenges. He successfully led preclinical programs in ophthalmology, cancer and gastroenterology, while inventing several methods and devices such as in the field of sustained ophthalmic drug delivery. He is the inventor of SteriDome™, a platform technology for controlled microenvironments.

Dr. Breegi was a National Institute of Health postdoctoral fellow at Tufts University School of Medicine in Gastroenterology. He received his veterinary medicine degree from Baghdad University and was awarded his first patent in 1988. He deeply understands the suffering of people, which reflects in the philosophy of Breegi Scientific, as well as his work. He has invented several medical devices and published methods. In addition, Dr. Breegi is involved in many humanitarian projects that touched directly thousands of people.






Danny Breegi holds a masters degree from Boston University's School of Public Health with a concentration in global health and medical products. He brings a passion for developing groundbreaking strategies and methods to solve the most prevalent issues in global health as an active participant in community health initiatives locally and internationally. Danny's work in Breegi Scientific reflects these goals by creating comprehensive solutions for the world's most at-risk communities by finding the common flaws of health care throughout the global health landscape and has led R&D, grants, clinical work, regulatory and fundraising efforts for BSI since it's founding.



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Dr. Castillo is a founder of El Primer Hospital Popular de Garifuna, a rural hospital in eastern Honduras serving the Garifuna ethnic community. He wrote the current public health policy of Honduras and is currently pioneering alternative healthcare models for low-resource communities, such as his native Garifuna ethnic tribe. A Harvard Kennedy School alumnus, Dr. Castillo is one of the most active public health officials in Central and Latin America, and splits his time between attending academic events around North and Latin America, and spending the remainder of his time in rural Honduras developing his clinics. He is a medical doctor with an MPH from Harvard University has significant experience in LMICs. He is a government expert on low resource and child healthcare issues. He is passionate about promoting medical innovation in rural Honduras and in indigenous communities such as the Garifuna people. He is former Commissioner of Health in Honduras and was commissioned by the President for writing the National Healthcare Reform.





Mr. Anh Nguyen, Head of Research and Development -  is a biomedical engineer with over 20 years of product design and medical product development experience for several multi-million dollar projects.  An integrity-driven engineering manager with a record of program successes and the ability to assemble a highly effective team to resolve difficult issues and manage resources to generate on-time and on-budget deliverables. Anh has a proven ability to effectively communicate with program personnel and management. His leadership and management skills to define strategies to achieve success in research and development programs have accelerated Breegi Scientific into a global medical market.



Dr. El-Bermani serves at the scientific advisory board. He is a professor at the Department of Anatomy and Cellular Biology, Tufts University School of Medicine. He taught  anatomy and physiology for over 35 years. He directed and co-directed several programs such as Surgical Anatomy Neuro-ophthalmology, Emergency Medicine, Emergency Hand Trauma workshop, Reconstructive Surgical Anatomy, Development of reconstructive surgical procedures for wounded Vietnam veterans.

Board Member

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Board Member

Mr. Clair Strohl has extensive experience in the new medical plastic, regulation FDA and manufacturing implementation processes and IP. He has engineered products including implantable cardiac assist devices, blood processing disposables, urological collection systems, IV infusions, ostomy and vascular access devices, and ultrasonic and radiological accessories. Clair received more than a dozen issued patents and several publications.

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Board Member

Rebecca Love is a nurse entrepreneur, inventor, TedX Speaker and first nurse featured on, and part of the inaugural nursing panel featured at SXSW 2018. Rebecca, was the first Director of Nurse Innovation & Entrepreneurship in the United States at Northeastern School of Nursing – the founding initiative in the Country designed to empower nurses as innovators and entrepreneurs, where she founded the Nurse Hackathon, the movement has led to transformational change in the Nursing Profession. Rebecca is an experienced Nurse Entrepreneur, founding in 2013 which was acquired in 2018, and currently serves as the Managing Director, US Markets for Ryalto.


In early 2019, Rebecca, along with a group of leading nurses in the world, founded SONSIEL: The Society of Nurse Scientists, Innovators, Entrepreneurs & Leaders. Rebecca is passionate about empowering nurses and creating communities to help nurses innovate, create and collaborate to start businesses and inventions to transform healthcare. Rebecca is currently Faculty at Norwich University, Chief Clinical Officer for IntelyCare, sits on the board of NextGen Ventures & the Host Committee for the Massachusetts ACLU.

Grants & Collaborations

Johnson & Johnson Nurses Quickfire

Innovation Challenge (2020)

Grand Challenges Canada (2018)

US-China Health Innovation Summit (2018)

MassChallenge Boston Finalist (2018)

K-Startup Big Bang Winner (2018)

Collaborations with the Honduran & Dutch Governments

Presented at the global health conference Cuba Salud (2018)

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